Marble Stone Surfaces

Extend The Life Of The Marble

Keith Clay Floors is in business to assist our commercial, residential and after-construction clients like yourself, in bringing beauty, comfort and elegance to marble and other natural stone surfaces. Keeping your stone in perfect condition, marble polishing, marble honing, prolonging its life, and giving you added enjoyment for the life of your natural granite, limestone, or marble floors and surfaces is why we are still in business after 20 years. We love our work!

As Americans have embraced natural stone and highly polished stone floors and surface finishes; popularity has hit an all time high. The overwhelming choice of flooring hands down is marble, which is now available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Proper installation, care and maintenance is critical to keeping your marble in tip top condition. Without exception, there is nothing more refined in beauty than a stone floor with the surface polished to a deep mirror like reflection. That is the best it can be.

Why has stone become so popular right now?

New technological advances in quarrying and finishing natural stone and marble have become very cost competitive. In most cases, marble will cost less than artificial stone. The result, more designers, architects, and institutional industries have increased demand for stone surfaces.

Stone is a wonderful long-term investment used by designers, homebuilders, and homeowners around the world for its longevity and spectacular look. Widespread use in so many markets has also shown us that people like you also may need education about standard maintenance procedures, specialized techniques to polish and refinish, and regular maintenance programs to maintain the natural beauty of your stone surface.

Keith Clay Floors is a professional marble restoration company, that can restore, clean, or install new natural stone. In the last 20 years, we have developed techniques and processes that will help you keep your stone polished and maintained.

If you currently have stone or marble flooring, we want an opportunity to discuss maintenance with you. If you currently have marble in your home, but know it can have a better appearance, but may not know exactly what you need, we can help. Maybe you want to consider new marble but don't know the first thing about it. Maybe you choose a complete marble restoration with the remodel of your home or business. Whatever the reason, our staff here at Keith Clay Floors would like you help you as you determine that outcome. By finding a marble care professional to take care of your beautiful marble, and we are able to provide you with the information you need to become an educated buyer.

Get inspired to bring out the natural beauty of your marble.

The first step in understanding more about the stone you have, will be to determine the current condition of the stone. Proper diagnosing by a professional, enables you to understand the present condition of the marble or stone surface. Then we can determine what is needed repair or restore your marble back to it's original finish, and then create a plan to maintain that natural beauty of the stone or marble on an ongoing basis.

What is involved in the process of evaluation?

  • First Contact Us: In Dallas Ft. Worth at 972-463-6604 or in Houston: 281-782-2333, or complete the form by clicking here. A qualified staff member can discuss your needs, set an appointment to come to your location, and begin the evaluation process.
  • Examination: When we come out, we will determine what type of marble, you have and what type of commercial, residential or institutional type setting you have. Next, we will determine if you need marble repair, marble restoration, marble maintenance or all of above?
  • Evaluation: Next we will find out what types of problems are present? Cracks, Stun marks, deep scratches, etching, lippage, spalling, staining, water damage, or yellowing are common things we will look for.
  • Methods for cleaning polishing and restoration to use: Next, we will determine and discuss with you the options you have for handling these problem areas such as sanding, honing, use of polishing powders, coatings, impregnators depending on the type of floor we will be working with.
  • Quote for Work: Finally, after our discussion with you, we will provide you with a quote for the methodology we will use to restore your marble and approximately how long the process will take.

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