Reclaimed Wood Floors

Reclaimed Flooring Options Are A Lesson In Perspective

Keith Clay is passionate about floors. Keith Clay is passionate about using reclaimed flooring. Put Keith to work in creating the flooring you have always wanted in your home or business today.

In today's markets, there no reason why you can't explore the different varieties and types of wood for a specific use; you are only limited by your education. Here at Keith Clay Floors, we understand it can be somewhat mind boggling. That's part of the reason we are here.

Keith Clay can help you make an educated decision about what flooring options to choose. Giving you the education you need about your specific use makes it easy to choose.

Most of us know maybe the look and color we want but not the reasons behind making those right decisions. What about the substrate, then there's what is best for the location and application of use. Oh, and did we forget to mention the green aspect that is truly Hot right now?

Keith Clay floors believes that any way you slice it, (pun intended), reclaimed, remilled, green wood is just the perfect floor-covering of the day for so many reasons:

  • Let us begin with the longevity of the life of a floor, a clean hygienic and dust mite free alternative to carpets just doesn't exist out there right now. It doesn't get any better and let's make sure we mention beauty as well! Really really beautiful.
  • Secondarily you have the fact that reclaimed flooring is eco-friendly and considered green; and one must realize that recycled floors would have otherwise gone into land-fill, so you will actually be able to save trees from being cut-down to make new wood flooring.
  • Third, you have the affordability and value for the money. While it is expensive, if you didn't already know that, reclaimed flooring is available at a fraction of the price of its brand-new counterpart, and if properly maintained using quality green wood care products; can last almost another lifetime.
  • And finally you have the historical aspect. Looking at reclaimed and antique hardwood flooring, every blemish can tell you a story about the floor's past. Maybe the old barn on your great grandfather's land, or wood from the last store in the downtown area where you live. The ideas are pretty much not limiting if you are so inclined to tackle a new perspective and add to the value of your home. Keith Clay can help to source reclaimed wood of your choice.

Keeping this in mind; it is little wonder that having exactly what you want and realizing it's one of a kind reclaimed flooring, is indeed one of the biggest reasons why it is so popular.

Please notice on the left of this web page, Cast Study #1 in point. Take a look at this and review the pictures. Then think about what Keith Clay Floors can do for your home or business.

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