Athletic & Sports Floors

Cushioning Helps Prevent Injuries

Today's Sports Floors and Athletic Flooring can be designed to maximize performance, stability, longevity and safety. These specialty type floors are extremely beautiful and have natural shock-absorbing qualities. Some systems are DIN certified and FIBA approved, to suit most site conditions, profile depths and budgetary restraints.

Manufacturers of the products feature quality control in the production of products and closely supervise warehousing, shipping and order processing. Keith Clay Floors in Dallas Texas will continually work with you and the manufacturer during the installation process to ensure a timely and defect-free installation.

Keith Clay Floors in Dallas Texas offers a wide array of fixed resilient floors to fit with your particular activities, level of play, budget and facility size. Combining features of both floating and fixed systems, fixed resilient systems provide the stabilizing benefits of anchored sub floors and the resiliency of floating systems. To discuss particulars, please give us a call. We can answer any questions you may have. We provide these special sports floors and athletic floors services to the entire state of Texas and have been in business for over 20 years.

In addition to sports surfaces, we install synthetic rubber flooring for playgrounds, store fronts and horse stables. Our list of references includes schools, corporations, government and private institutions.

Wood sports floors have several parts: sub-floor, fasteners, pads, sleepers, vapor retarding, and the actual floor. The synthetic floors are made of topcoat, pore sealer, structural coat, and rubber base mat. PVC sports and athletic isn'€™t fire resistant like rubber flooring. Rubber flooring isn’t toxic or corrosive.

Wood sports floors are still widely used and more so because they are now being installed in homes in residential gyms or playrooms. Beech, oak, and maple are the favored woods for these floors. The cushioning in the sub-floor gives a spring to it and helps prevent injuries. Some of wood sports and athletic floors are with engineered wood. They don'€™t warp or gap easily. Sports floors can have heating systems under the, either electric or wet systems. Sports and athletic may be right for your home—perhaps it is ideal for your basement, where a home gym could be created. Keith Clay Floors in Dallas Texas can help you decide.

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