Limestone Floors

Perfect For Your Historical Home

The staff at Keith Clay Floors know that limestone is a perfect choice for flooring in your historical home. It’s a traditional floor material and it compliments antique wooden furniture and older designs. A house decorated with earthy colored furniture and drapes goes well with limestone tiles. Limestone comes in gray, yellow, pink, and green. There are scant veins in limestone tiles and the grain is fine. The usual finishes are honed and polished.

It is more durable than people realize, but the correct treating and sealing, along with good care enable it to last longer. It is easily cared for with a recommended cleaner that is neutral in ph. Dust mop it regularly. Mop using warm water. It can be vacuumed if the vacuum doesn’t have a beater bar, which would scratch limestone. Mats placed at entrances will collect the grit that could scratch the floor.

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