Porcelain Floors

Practical & Easy On The Budget

Porcelain tiles are kiln fired at high temperatures, which makes them hard. They are available in different colors and sizes. It is very moisture resistant and can stand a lot of treading underfoot. They are practical for laundry rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms because porcelain resists bacteria. But they are used in other rooms as well. It is a good quality tile that isn't expensive. It is hard to scratch, and it won't burn. When glazed it is stain resistant and is easily cleaned with sweeping and mopping. Natural and polished need a sealant.

Some of the popular colors are black, gray, chrome, beige, peach, and earth tones. Porcelain is available in flat, gloss, semi-gloss, matte and other surface types. Some of the different design types are square, rectangle, plank, and random patterns. The tiles come as large as 24x24. A mixture of apple cider vinegar and water washes away any residue from other cleaners. Check out the porcelain tiles at Keith Clay Floors.

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