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What Is A Green Floor?

Are You Thinking About Going Green For Your Flooring?

Keith Clay Floors is here to help you in this education process, and we believe this is Fantastic. Determining what is 'green' isn't always easy, and that goes for green flooring for your home or business as well. Discussing green flooring products for 2012 and going forward, brings to mind a topic of great importance these days. Most of us are concerned about saving the environment and doing some type of recycling, energy savings and water conservation with sustainability in mind. Green floors are a very sustainable and easily installed and maintained product which can enhance the value of your home or commercial building. Most of us try to find ways to save our natural resources as our various city communities and governments put into place ways to make recycling, sustaining, and conservation possible.

Green flooring is maybe something you haven't heard discussed when it comes to the whole Green Movement, so Keith Clay Floors would like to let you know how we handle this very important issue for all our clients. What qualifies us to help you with this type of decision? Keith Clay Floors has been in business for over 23 years. Our experience in those years means that we can be there to help keep you educated about our industry and enable you to make the best decision for your home or business.

Keith Clay Floors Can Help Educate You About Green Floors

The manufacturing process of certain floors and flooring products has a direct effect on many of the ecosystems on which we depend for resources (i.e. forests; oceans, tropical rainforests). Every one of these ecosystems are fragile and any form of industry will have a direct impact on them, in some capacity. Here at Keith Clay floors, we want to help educate you on how you can help preserve these natural ecosystems by making more eco-conscious flooring choices for your home or business.

The actual process of becoming more environmentally friendly means in most cases, that you use less amounts of harmful things considered a problem, whatever that might be. It's also possible to use better technology and new types of manufactured products designed with conservation in mind. Selection of products with smaller carbon footprints and decreased pollutants is a serious consideration with floors. All floors have coatings and cleaning products that must be used over the life of the floor to preserve longevity or to keep them clean.

Today's floors may be selected with a big part of the green building process in mind. While floors are considered the largest surface in a home, green building also accounts for overall construction of the building, waste and materials used. Truly, green building designs consist of products that are made from resources that are renewable, sustainable and/or made locally for distribution to contractors who understand how to use them. Keith Clay Floors understands flooring.

How Do You Know A Floor Or Flooring Product Is Green?

Choosing eco-friendly products and green flooring is not just a great way to help preserve the planet's natural resources, it can also help you save on energy bills and floor repairs. One of the Flooring Industry leaders in setting green standards, is The GREENGUARD Environmental Institute. This industry- independent, non-profit organization establishes standards and testing for indoor products.

GREENGUARD's goal: To improve public health by helping manufacturers build safer products for you the consumer. The result: These products will not pollute the air with harmful levels of dangerous chemicals or particulates.

GREENGUARD responds to customer demands for healthy and green products all over the world, and updates consumers in a list as new companies meet their rigid standards. This certification signifies to consumers that these products have passed rigorous and frequent test requirements and that they do not release potentially harmful chemicals into the indoor air. As a consumer, you can be sure they are 'Green'.

In June of this year, 2009, *Harris Interactive on behalf of GREENGUARD, was commissioned to do a study on many such products. The surprising result states that 69% of consumers prefer to buy products certified for indoor air quality. The GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI) continues to meet this market demand by certifying products for low chemical emissions and continuing to expand its consumer product portfolio.

What Does This Mean To You In Selecting A Green Floor or Product?

Keith Clay Floors uses GREENGUARD Certified Products in the installation and maintenance of many types of hardwood floors, coatings, cleaning products, and dust-collection equipment. Keith Clay Floors believes that it is great to use strong consumer brands like the Bona Systems and Basic Coatings who recognize the importance of providing better products for indoor environments.

For over 23 years, Keith Clay Floors has recognized consumers growing desire for 'green' products and has made sure that clients like you have healthy products for their indoor environments. Keith Clay Floors is very happy to be playing an active role in using participating manufacturers in the GREENGUARD Certification Program.

There are many other types of consumer products certified by GREENGUARD, and we hope you will visit their website and obtain a copy of the free product guide at .

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