Mobile Marble Honing & Polishing

Marble Restoration Process Requires Professional Skills

Beautiful marble and natural stone counters, vanities, and flooring will require proper maintenance to preserve that spectacular beauty. How long has it been since you installed your marble? Is it looking a little dull on the surface, and after a closer look do you see marks or discoloring on the surface in natural light? Scratches can accumulate over time and cause a dull look that doesn't reflect light anymore. The temptation may be for you to attempt to bring back it's beauty yourself. However, Keith Clay Floors recommends professional polishing and honing so you do not permanently damage the surface of the stone you have selected. Did you know that we can come out and examine your marble and let you know what we recommend? Each floor, countertop and vanity or tub is different, and it usually depends on location, it's use, and normal wear and tear.

Keith Clay Floors understands that most of you are always eager to have those household DIY projects; and we also understand that due to the precise nature of the polishing process, marble polishing, stone polishing, and marble honing and stone honing is not something we recommend that you attempt. Why, it's a complicated process that is not easy to do. Proper education and understanding the actual process details is required for that final clean light reflective surface you love to re-appear. Really it isn't easy either. Polishing marble is a very important step in the marble restoration process, but is not the only thing that needs to be done. A word to the wise, just polishing your stone or marble without honing, absolutely will not remove unwanted etch marks or accumulation of scratches.

Honing is always recommended before polishing

Honing is a complex process of restoring your marble floor or other surfaces with the use of diamond encrusted pads to scratch, or hone the marble surface. It is this surface creation which will actually be the foundation to polish. Honing marble first starts with a course grit diamond pad and continues with finer grits to attain the desired level of polished finishes. This process requires the right skills, the knowledge of the type of marble you are working with, and the proper chemicals and equipment. You've heard the old saying 'the right tool for the right job'; this is critical in polishing marble. Keith has the tools to provide mobile, in-home, marble honing and polishing.

Polishing Marble enables the actual surface of this magnificent stone to show it's reflective properties again like nothing ever happened. The last step begins by polishing the marble with polishing powders. More commonly known as a chemical polish, this stage in the process happens immediately after honing for the best results.

Marble is stone. While different types of marble seem like they would be hard enough to resist damage, most can become scratched or etched with marks over time and use. Coming in contact with other hard surfaces can cause scratches, and having acidic liquids that come in contact with a marble surface may also cause a reaction with the calcium in the marble which leaves discoloration and pitting. This is what etching does. If the etch mark is not too bad, sometimes polishing with a powder will fix the problem. However, if the etch mark becomes too severe, honing is necessary to remove the etch mark and then the surface is restored and then can be polished. A seasoned 25+ year professional like Keith Clay Floors who has a trained eye, can properly evaluate what is required to restore the beautiful luster once associated with your floor.

Do You Have To Polish Marble Floors?

If you have marble floors in your home or place of business, eventually they will need to be polished. It's a given. It is also true that if installation of those marble floors, countertops, or vanities is a few years old, it is very likely they will need to be honed first. That said, it is also true that depending on the evaluation of your surfaces, Keith Clay Floors may be able to do just a polishing step to restore the brilliant finish, but after 25+ years experience, unfortunately this is the exception and not the norm.

Sometimes we are called to look at a marble floor that has been etched by some acidic cleaning chemical. It is possible that if the etching that has occurred to the surface is not too bad, we could be successful at bringing back the brilliant finish and that's all.

When it comes to marble polishing or just maintaining natural stone and tile and grout products in your home or business, here at Keith Clay Floors we strive to help educate our customers on the best protection they can have, helping them save time and money in costly restoration costs down the road. If you are a current customer, you understand this is true with every aspect of our business and something that keeps you coming back for all your flooring needs.

Mobile polishing, honing, and cleaning tile, grout and natural stone surfaces in the Dallas Metroplex is what we do. If you would like to know more about our services and how we can help you maintain all your marble, tile, grout, and natural stone surfaces for your home or place of business we invite you to give us a call right now. World Class Craftsmanship and Reasonable Prices has been our trademark for over 25 years. Call Us Today: 972-463-6604

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