Consider Antique Wood Floors

Sustainable & Enviornmentally Safe

Have you considered using Antique Wood floors for your new home? If you haven't considered it, you may want to now. Keith Clay Floors would like to help you learn about this spectacular beauty found in naturally aged wood and their associative wood products. These antique woods are considered sustainable and are also termed green; they are environmentally safe reclaimed wood from around the world. In most circles in our industry Antique Wood flooring products are considered the absolute best and are clearly the hottest trend in Home Design Markets right now. How would you like to have a historical wood floor for that brand new living room that uses timbers from a turn of the century historic building in upper New England or California! It's possible with Antique Wood Floors.

Keith Clay Floors specializes in Antique Wood Flooring. Keith Clay has provided installation, maintenance and repair of all kinds in the antique wood floors industry around the state of Texas for over 23 years. Antique Wood and Reclaimed wood are terms that mean the same thing in our industry. They can be pieces from oak, pine, elm, fir, and chestnut, which have been recycled, prepared; kiln dried, pest treated and precision milled to deliver a superior quality product aged by Mother Nature herself. Seeing is believing; this unsurpassed beauty of these majestic floors means that every floor in your home could literally have story to tell about where the wood came from. What a neat idea!

What is an Antique Hardwood Floor?

Sometimes called reclaimed wood, this product comes in both narrow and wide planks, and usually has extremely long lengths of wood materials which are old weathered beauty used in the construction of buildings of all kinds, from the past. For some, we're talking about hundreds of years, they come from all walks of life, lots of different countries, and in some cases; have been deconstructed from buildings built in other centuries. By deconstructing these buildings and projects; the end result is priceless pieces of wood that have outlived their usefulness in their current configuration. They are dismantled, and taken to state of the art mills who literally transform these beauties into wood with renown beauty.

This sustainable natural weathered wood is carefully gathered for use in homes and commercial buildings around the globe. These sustainable green flooring products make a distinct positive impact on the environment as well. Why, because they last a lifetime and then some! How is this possible? By recycling the old, milling it, removing nails, metals and man-made items, the process of complete restoration begins. The end result is a piece of wood that you can't buy anywhere that will keep it's properties, and maintain the integrity of the quality you desire in your home or business for years and years to come.

Mills around the world specialize in the craziest things like pickle-wood, aged barrels, log cabins, naily plank, farmhouse plank, barns, sheds, trailblazer floors, and salty firs to create the most superior wood for your floors you can imagine. By using beams, posts, piers, columns and floor joists, these wood items are painstakingly removed from their primary locations, and restored to extended lengths and widths you may need to provide diversity in the aesthetic appeal of any room you choose. Antique Hardwood Floors are the heart and soul of the reclaimed wood industry and have some distinctive characteristics that you will find very interesting.

  • Antique wood flooring is beautiful ancient wood planks that can be used for home, office, or retail locations alike
  • Antique wood has a specific natural beauty and defining character that is never found in timber that has recently been cut
  • Antique wood is considered the perfect green flooring solution and it is the most simple and healthy alternative to cutting down trees
  • Antique wood is transformed over time and reflects the most beautiful colors and appearances that have a history
  • Antique wood is an extremely stable wood that can continue to perform beyond the natural life of a floor
  • Antique wood has a consistent quality broad range of colors which adds unique character and warmth to the floors seldom found in new woods today

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