Dust Controlled Sanding

We Use The Bona Dust Care System

The flooring industry is an extremely important factor for every person in the USA. Every home, factory, commercial building, school, institution all have floors of some kind. In our industry, it is very important that your home or business is clean and free of dust after the installation or refinishing process is complete. For 25 years, Keith Clay Floors has learned that not all dust control equipment is the same.

It has been our experience that many products on the market for that purpose claim that their Sanding Machines are DUST FREE, when in reality they are not. No belt Sanding Machine currently in the market place today is totally Dust Free, but when connected to the Dust Care System our equipment gets; it is as near to this statement as possible.

The Bona Dust Care system we provide to you while working on your floors is the very latest specialist Machine available to the professional floor sanding technicians money can buy. A side bonus is all their products are 'Green'.

Keith Clay Floors is aware that you want the ultimate clean dust free* working environment you can have. In our opinion, our equipment is superior. We feel that it has been the best product to use in the way that floors are sanded. Flexible, easy to manoeuvre, ideally suited to floors, it has plenty of power to tackle any job. It has excellent dust extraction and finger-tip controls for easy operation and total control. We have fitted optional transport wheels to all our Machines to assist in maneuvering them around from room to room. Simple to use, we just unzip the top of the bag and empty, quick and easy is most important in finishing your job on time.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the dust controlled sanding equipment we use. We have other 'Green' flooring products available that do not use sanding equipment and can still deliver the quality result we demand for our clients. Call us today and find out more!

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