Mobile Concrete Polishing & Staining

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Concreate staining and polishing creates a floor that is chemically stained and translucent in color. The staining is applied to cured concrete. A chemical reaction happens between the cement and the staining element that is acid. The rocks in the cement will not be stained. The acid etching of the concrete creates an interesting and appealing look to concrete. Different colors can be created.

If the floor is already in place a layer of new cement may be necessary, or completing a smoothing process of the existing floor if necessary. Concrete is a versatile material that can handle various shapes, textures, and colors. There are tiles, pre-cast, and cast-in-place concrete floors. It should be sealed for its maintenance because acid staining etches into the concrete causing it to be more porous. The acid stain makes any imperfections or variations appear artistic. Water-based sealers are a good choice as are epoxy or urethane. If sealed, just clean with sweeping and a damp mop. Stained concrete is increasing in popularity and Keith Clay Floors can help you with the details.

Mobile concrete polishing services can be accomplished with or without the acid stain process to create a highly polished shine. Concrete floors can even be honed down to expose the aggregate within the concrete, often creating dramatic textured looks with polished.

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