Brick Floors

Tough & Long Lasting

Brick floors are tough, long lasting, and their surface doesn’t need much maintenance. Brick offers a lot of colors and textures. It can provoke a major theme in a room or be subdued, though an interesting backdrop. This flooring can be a mortar less system or a mortar bed system. Sealing the mortar less floor accomplishes to goals: It locks sand into the joints and it makes the surface impenetrable. Water based or solvent sealers both work well for each kind of brick flooring.

There are two kinds of sealers for brick floors. These are film forming and ones that penetrate the brick. Each kind enhances the stain resistance of brick. The film forming (acrylic or polyurethane) stops dirt and grit from scratching the brick better than the ones that soak into it. The acrylic based doesn'€™t yellow as easily as the wax or polyurethane sealers. Keith Clay Floors can help you pick a good sealer.

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