Travertine Floors

Delicate & Peaceful

It is a delicate, soft looking stone that gives off a peaceful effect. Other names for travertine flooring are Egyptian alabaster, onyx marble, Oriental alabaster, and Mexican onyx. It is beautiful, durable, and there are many styles. But it should be sealed because otherwise it reacts with acids. Polishing (polished) makes it slippery after mopping and before it is dry.

Besides the polished it comes in honed, tumbled, and brushed. The polished are very shiny. The matte finished ones are called honed, which means they have a flat surface that is smooth. And they gave a formal air about them. For texture get the brushed and tumbled tiles. The tumbled stone has a classic effect. Travertine is hard, but for the kitchen area sealed travertine should be used, if it isn’t the sealed type it will not resist food and liquid stains. The colors of travertine are lovely like ivory, gold, walnut, cream, mocha, and beige.

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