Terrazzo Floors

Tough Versatile Tiling Choice

Venetians first invented terrazzo floors as we now know them, but terrazzo is also descriptive of ancient floors in Asia. Today terrazzo tile is made from a mixture of chips of glass, marble, quartz, and granite with cement. It is a versatile tiling choice. It is an extremely tough tile. It inherits the attractive qualities of the materials it is made with. If offers many designs, shapes, and colors. This tile won’t chip, when sealed it doesn’t stain or soak up moisture. Terazzo is applicable indoors or outdoors. If it gets worn after many years, it can be refinished and re-polished to look great once more. It is as much as 50% lighter than other tiles.

It is very versatile and good to use for hallways, kitchens, and bathrooms. It is an economical, cost effective flooring material. It is an environmentally friendly since it is made with recycled chips. Keith Clay Floors has a variety of terrazzo tile.

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