Mexican Tile Floors

Old World Charm & Ambiance

Mexican tiles are hand made with raw clay. It is an ancient process. They are sun dried or wood fired with low heat. They create an appealing southwestern atmosphere in a room. Mexican tile has softness and richness that speaks of old world charm. It has rustic appeal. There are many different shades of yellow, orange, and beige. Mexican tile ages well, but needs proper installation. This tile stands up to being stripped and refinished many times. It is good to finish it with a sealer. It comes in gloss up to high-gloss.

It is a kind of terra cotta, but different from that from other countries. It isn’t uniformly square, rectangle, or hexagonal and isn'€™t flat, but the Tecate tiles have more uniformity. The individuality of the Saltillo makes them more arty. Animal tracks or leave impressions may show up in some pieces, which are conversation stimulators. For some these tracks add to the ambiance.

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