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Marble floors come in a variety of types, styles and colors. Thanks to the increased popularity around the world, you now have a wide variety of marble floors to choose from. Each is distinct, and most are readily available from reputable manufacturers. Keith Clay Floors can help you locate the exact flooring you may desire.

Let's talk about marble, the care of marble floors using the ultimate 'Green Flooring' products, and colors of marble floors in general. Here are a few of the types of tiles marble offers.

There is a natural variety in marble coloring, with different shading, and whirl designs. The cleaning products you use should be manufacturer recommended, and the products we use and recommend here at Keith Clay Floors are considered 'green' flooring certified. These floors need the benefit of mop cleaning, polish, and drying with a towel, frequently. Using a Marble polish will restore marble tile to a fine shine. It is a very durable floor material and is so pleasing to the eye. Marble tiles are very hypoallergenic. Keith Clay Floors can provide you with marble polishing, honing, and proper maintenance here in the Dallas area.

The glazed tiles make the room glow with their shine and they show off the design better. Keith Clay uses the Bona System green flooring products to keep these all natural floors looking their shiny best.

There is also a tumbled kind of marble tile that rounds off the edges and chips them somewhat creating an antique facade. Tumbled marble is more porous and usually the patterns like veins are absent. The honed marble tile has a matte finish. It is a good choice for a room that is busy with a lot of foot traffic. It doesn't get scratched or damaged easily. Marble has the advantages of being considered artistic, historical, aesthetic and now naturally Green.

Along with marble, granite, slate, travertine, limestone, and onyx are popular stones for floors and Keith Clay Floors has them available for the asking. Specific questions of course may be answered when you call.

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