Brick Floor Maintenance And Care

Fire Proof & Fade Proof Brick Add Beauty To Your Home

If you have always wanted a unique, rustic flooring option, brick flooring is a great choice for a home or business. This fire-proof and fade-proof brick floor is the perfect way to add years of beauty to your home, while increasing its value at the same time. There is a reason people build with brick. You may have questions about the care and maintenance of your brick floor.

Caring for a porous brick floor requires some maintenance in order to maintain their beauty and style. If you use a solvent-base wax on the floor, you will to seal it first and then maintain the shine. If you use a water-base polish, you'll occasionally have to strip the wax buildup and keep discoloring of the wax.

The best way to care for your brick floor is to keep it sealed and waxed. Keith Clay Floors recommends you use a commercial sealer for brick to keep them beautiful and lasting.

Tips To Maintain A Treated Brick Floor:

  • Regular use of a mop or broom is all that is needed. Brick floors can also be vacuumed to remove dust and debris tracked in during the day.
  • For tougher particles and mud, Damp-mopping after vacuuming will prevent dirt from building up on your brick floor. Mixing a solution of 1 cup of vinegar in a gallon of water will leave a shine without being polished -- a real time-saver
  • Keith Clay Floors recommends using a solvent-base wax, so that you don't have to strip your floor. A solvent-base polish can be applied over a water-base polish, but a water-base polish cannot be applied over a solvent-base polish. The solvents in the wax dissolve the layer of wax that is on the floor during each application, so there is no wax buildup
  • Removal of wax buildup is done by applying a wax-stripping product with a scrub brush or floor-scrubbing machine that has a brush attachment. Professional floor companies are well suited to commercial installations. In your home, it is easy enough to use a standard type mop and then do a complete rinse of the floor thoroughly after applying the stripper. This will remove any lingering wax. Keith Clay Floors does not recommend that you clean your brick floor with acids, strong soaps, or abrasives.
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