Ceramic Tile Floors

Numerous Styles Textures And Colors

There is a variety of style, texture, and color in ceramic tile. There are a lot of grout and glaze choices. These tiles are produced from mixing clay silicates and firing it in high temperature ovens. They come unglazed or glazed. Glazing produces a tough shell on the surface that is hard for water and dirt to penetrate, while the unglazed tiles don't have this repelling feature. The unglazed need more cleaning. Tile floors should be vacuumed on a regular basis. Mop with ph balanced cleaner and rinse. Glazed tiles are matte, semi-gloss or high-gloss in finish. The unglazed tiles are very slip resistant.

The first consideration for the size tile is to think of the room size. Ironically, to create a larger look to a smaller room, larger tiles are needed. There will be less grout lines so the floor surface will appear cleaner in design. Sealed grout won't get dirty as easily. Keith Clay Floors stocks this popular tile.

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