Slate Tile Floors Installation

Distinctive Slip Resistant Surfaces Are Practical

Keith Clay Floors has been installing slate tile flooring in residential and commercial interiors and exteriors for over 20 years. Slate flooring is a tribute to its versatility and aesthetic value. Distinctive slip resistant surface, ease of installation and workability, and decorative color hues, make it one of the best choices for practicality and visual appeal. With slate, you can bet you will always have firm footing!

Slate Tile Construction

In addition to being durable and decorative, slate tiles are designed for efficient installation. It is very important to most slate tile manufacturers to insure that the installation of the slate remains a simple a process. Usually that means that each tile remains largely unchanged from its natural state. In the course of creating the tiles, usually two processes take place. They are termed gauge and calibration of the slate tile.

Gauge refers to the way or the process of how the edges of the slate tile are made square in the precision cutting. This methodology allows the slate tile to be an interlocking material, which will easy to interlock with other tiles. Calibration is the process of making the back of the slate tile as even in thickness as possible, by using a machine-honing process that will make it smooth or ribbed depending on the type and location of the tiles use. This process of calibration is important to insure the slate tiles will lay flat when installed. This is also designed for ease of installation, and results in an even walking surface.

Slate Tile Surfaces

The most popular surface choice in slate tile flooring is the natural face. Sometimes also called split-face slate tile, it refers to the area where the slate has been removed from the slate bed. This variety of slate tile always maintains the natural, uneven textured surface which is one of the defining characteristics in making slate tile distinct from other varieties of natural stone. Split-face slate tile flooring is naturally one of the best choices you can make if you are looking for a slip-resistant surface in the area where you plan to install it. This type of slate tile flooring has an incredible tactile dimension and visual aesthetic all of its own. Designers agree that it adds a sensuous character to the slate tile floor, as well as enhances the decor and increases the value of the room.

Thickness Variations Of Slate Tile

Remember with slate, there will often be a thickness variation from tile to tile. If you are unfamiliar with slate as a flooring product, we would like you to give us a call. Keith Clay Floors believes it is a good idea to discuss this with us, the slate tile sales representative, or the manufacturer before you make a final determination on what to use. Often you will find this helpful when you are thinking of using slate, but are uncertain about some of these details that characterize natural stone surfaces. Slate tiles are usually presented in a range of 3/8-7/16, for instance in thickness. Again, we can help you with the specifics of your chosen line of slate tile flooring and review and answer any questions you may have for the installation location.

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