Tile Floor Installation

Making Sure Your Choice Best Suits Your Needs And Budget

History states that humans have always wanted to create living spaces. Initial homes provided shelter and protection, but as years passed, man became more interested in beauty, durability and user friendly options, to coin our modern terminology. Bearing that in mind, history also says that ceramic tile has been made and used by man for over 4000 years. While some might argue that the period may extend back considerably longer, Without a doubt, it has been a long time. Tile is here to stay!

Keith Clay Floors is also interested in creating living spaces, and over 20 years ago decided to start a business to help people like you, make educated decisions about making their homes have beautiful, functional, and durable floors. Installation, refinishing, remodeling, and maintenance of floors is what we do best. You will decide what type of floor you would like.

Our goal: Spend time to find the right ceramic or stone tile for your application. Then, make sure that your choice is the best quality product for your needs and budget.

In this section of the site we want to talk about tile, tile floors, types of products available, and how to do the best job we can installing that floor at a price you can afford. You may have questions about some or all of the information in this article, please call us, the number is 903-972-463-6604. We can answer all those questions.

Shopping for tile or stone has historically been the biggest challenge for anyone interested in using these types of products. When people decide they want tile or stone tiles in their building project, they are at a real disadvantage if they do not know exactly what they want and then where to purchase what they have selected.

The average person usually begins with an idea of what they want to use. It may be tile or a stone tile product. They then take a journey that leads them to tile stores, model homes, magazines, calls to contractors and the houses of friends to find ideas and answers to their questions.

Sometimes this is a very positive approach. Other times disastrous. At Keith Clay floors we begin at the top of that process and take you through every step. The end result? You have the floor you love at a price you can afford and have the longest life for the beautiful tile floor you hoped for.

So, what are you building and what process will enable the installation properly? There is a tremendous difference in tiling a residential bathroom floor when compared to a restaurant kitchen floor, so let's get back to the basics.

Before we discuss our installation process, let's discuss a couple of things necessary to any job we perform. Remember that it is necessary and our responsibility to comply with local, state, or federal law when undertaking any project. There may or may not be a need for building permits depending on the city/state you dwell in. In the case of public construction jobs, the general contractor may need to comply with certain federal guidelines. Nevertheless, these laws are in place to protect people from construction practices that will prove to be unsafe in the future.

Remember that the tile or stone you select, will be the finished surface of your installation. From that point forward, some type of regular maintenance will be required. Some products need more care than others. The life of your floor depends on how well you take care of it!

Many elements and methodologies determine what makes a floor beautiful to the person viewing the finished product. We need to see through your eyes a clear picture of what you want, the product you selected, and how you want it to look. Once we have that, we set about with our process of making that happen.

Start the Process:

  • What is it you want?
  • Where wiil it go?
  • Have you selected an appropriate product for the area?
  • Is the product available?
  • Are there any code restrictions in place for this location?
  • Preliminary examination of the subfloor is discussed
  • How much product do you need?
  • Measure and provide the estimate for the project?
  • Establish Payment Options*
  • Do you have any other issues?
  • Purchase and schedule the installation?

Once the questions are answered, then the next consideration is:

  • Will the floor installation be over an existing surface or directly on concrete or another type of substrate surface?
  • A final determination will be made based on the answer to that question and then how we proceed from that point forward
  • Tools, products, and job particulars and methods to use will be taken to the job site
  • Subfloor is prepared to accept the tile and inspected
  • Manufacturers recommendations on all products are reviewed
  • Supervised installation begins
  • Installation proceeds and is completed
  • Clean up
  • Inspection by both parties.

Keith Clay Floors thinks this general process holds important keys to a successful, visually appealing, and cost-effective projects. While jobs and products may vary, Keith Clay Floors thinks professional quality workmanship and skill are critical every day. That's what we do. Give us a call, we can work together to evaluate your current and future tile floor needs.

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