Case Study: Farm House

If you are interested in finding out about using reclaimed, remilled, antique oak, or other types of green flooring products, we invite you to view this article. The pictures in this article are the best example of the type of result you may achieve from a skilled professional flooring application using current green industry standards.

If you have questions with regards to the exact specifications laid out by these clients, give Keith a call right now. He is happy to set an appointment with you and review and answer any questions you may have.

Case Study 1: Antique Oak

General Specification in similar settings:

This type of antique oak flooring is re-milled in order to retain its original aged and patinated top surface. It is re-milled to a standard thickness with tongue and grooves for ease of laying, and re-kiln dried to a very low moisture content, which can make this antique oak flooring suitable for laying over underfloor heating if specified. No single technique can reproduce this patina of an original antique worn surface and therefore this antique flooring immediately creates a rustic and exceptionally aged original appearance.

Various degrees of sanding and the use of pigmented stains finishes can be combined to achieve a satisfying end result. This sample has been water based polyurethane stained.

Dimensions in General:

  • Width - Random Narrow 110/130/150mm
  • Length - Random
  • Depth - 15mm
  • Finish - Unfinished

PRICES can be QUOTED ARE ""STARTING FROM"" upon request

This house meets current green standards. It is unusual, in that it has a working windmill. Keith Clay Floors was asked to source and reclaim, remill, sand, stain, finish and install a 75 year old Antique Oak product for the hardwood floor portions of the home. Keith Clay was also asked to use all green products in the application of the stains, and polyurethane finishes.

As you can see from the pictures, the result is indeed the best of all scenarios one could have hoped for. What you are looking at is a premier installation of a 75 year old antique oak floor


Keith sourced and reclaimed this 75 year old Antique Oak Wood

The wood has been remilled to suit the specific needs of this floor application of this home

The remilled wood was professionaly custom sanded

The sanded wood was custom stained with a custom mix based on client specifications

3 Coats of Dura Seal water based Polyurethane sealant have been applied

Proper industry flooring standards at each junction and at each stage of the entire process have proved that success has been achieved and the clients are extremely satisfied.

The floors in this home will with normal wear and tear be beautiful for 15 years provided the client uses the Bona System Poly Urethane Cleaner recommended to keep and maintain the finish put down during the process. Folks it doesn't get any better than this.

From start to finish and beyond with maintenance, Keith Clay Floors is your professional flooring specialist.

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